Fantasktik 1.0

A task bar on the ready


  • Quick way of reaching files


  • Windows tend to hide behind bar


You can use Exposé, Spotlight or the Finder to browse through files. With Fantasktik comes another way of looking through all your open applications, folders and files.

Fanstaktik is a preference pane, which sets up a task bar, either at the top or bottom of your screen. This displays all your opened elements in tabs, with a little icon next to each of them. Hover your cursor over a tab will bring up a little preview window.

If you want to hide Fantasktik you can simply disable it from the Preferences menu or click on one of the round buttons at the left and right of the bar.

Fantasktik is pleasant to work with and lets you immediately see which files or open and what they contain.

I did notice that windows do tend to stay behind the bar, which can be a little annoying at times.

Want a new way of accessing open files? Fantasktik is a smart task bar with a nice design.



Fantasktik 1.0

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